Exterior Building Cleaning

One of the biggest priorities a commercial building owner or manager has is cleaning the exterior, to maintain a welcoming and professional appearance.

The problem is that when it comes to the exterior of a property, it can be difficult to lean due to often large structures with many areas unreachable from the ground. A commercial building can get really grimy if not maintained.

Birds, pollution, moss, algae, grease, dirt, graffiti and chewing gum can give your business an unsightly look, and possibly put off potential customers.


At Pristine Power Clean we use all the correct and safe cleaning methods for each type of surface we clean. Using only environmentally safe chemicals, low and high pressure water jetting and low or high pressure steam cleaning, we can make your business look clean and new, giving it that Pristine look!

Cladding Cleaning

The exterior of many industrial and commercial buildings are partially or completely cladded with either aluminium or steel construction panels. These panels are then anodised, painted, powder coated or plastic coated. Over time the surface can start to collect dirt, moss, algae and plant growth all of which can cause significant damage to the cladding if left untreated. 


At Pristine Power Clean we use all the correct and safe cleaning methods for each type of surfaces we clean. Using only environmental safe chemicals, low and high pressure water jetting and low or high pressure stream cleaning, we can give your cladding that shine it once had giving your business that Pristine look.

Render Cleaning

Over the years your premises’ render can start to get a build up of biological growth, including lichen and red, black and green algae. Not only can it make your house or walls look very unsightly to customers and clients, if not treated after time it can cause damage to your render – risking both your business’ continuity and reputation!


At Pristine Power Clean we use a soft wash chemical to treat and kill all biological growth. For stubborn stains we can also use a low pressure steam after the soft washing process, which gives you the best results and provides a first impression you can rely on.

Chewing Gum Removal

The unattractive chewing stains which are left dotted around can have a negative affect on people’s perception of businesses that leave it untreated within their premises.

Chewing gum is a very difficult type of litter to remove. Its sticky nature means conventional cleaning methods struggle to remove it from all types of surfaces. The quick removal of chewing gum stains helps to ensure the area remains clean and tidy helping to discourage future littering of chewing gum occurring.

At Pristine Power Clean we can use high and low pressure water jetting along with high or low pressure steam to remover all gum from any type of surface.

Graffiti Removal

A graffitied building doesn’t give the best first impressions to potential customers and clients. In fact, it’s well-known that properties decrease in value where graffiti is prevalent. It can act as a sign of neglect and a property that’s uncared for. Graffiti removal isn’t always easy. It can begin to damage the substrate it’s applied to as soon as it’s applied. And the incorrect attempt at removal can end up causing more unsightly damage than the graffiti itself.


At Pristine Power Clean we will use the correct methods depending on the media used and the materials affected will depend on the best approach for removal.

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